The official site of the Tribal Government and Citizens of Nipmuc Nation.

With nearly 600 members, we can continue to be one of New England's most historic and largest native communities. The Hassanamisco Reservation in Grafton Massachusetts is our ancestral home and we are a "state-acknowledged" tribe.

On behalf of our ancestors and their descendants, it is the sacred mission of all the members of our community to preserve and promote the culture, language, and values of the Nipmuc People, while striving to improve the quality of life for all our citizens, including the generations to come.


Currently, the Nipmuc Nation Tribal Roll is closed.

However, in June of 2020 the Nipmuc Nation Tribal Council voted to reopen the enrollment process for membership. This is the first Step 1 to reopening the Tribal Roll. If you are a descendant of the Nipmuc People, and not a current enrolled Citizen of Nipmuc Nation, we invite you to click the "Enroll" button to below to fill out and submit am enrollment form. 

Get In Touch

Like many governments, Nipmuc Nation has branches, councils, and committees that oversee a wide range of tribal activities and concerns. To help you get in touch with the appropriate authority within our Tribal Government, please click the "Who To Contact" button below.

Finally, we would like to bring to your attention that our entire Tribal Government is run solely by Dedicated Citizen Volunteers.
An immediate response to your inquiry probably won't happen. You may have to wait a reasonable amount of time for your inquiry to filter through the bureaucracy. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding.  

Nipmuc Nation Tribal Council Inc.
25 Main Street
South Grafton, MA 01560
+1 (774) 317-9138