The official site of the Tribal Government and Citizens of Nipmuc Nation.

On behalf of our ancestors and their descendants, it is the sacred mission of all the members of our community to preserve and promote the culture, language, and values of the Nipmuc People, while striving to improve the quality of life for all our citizens, including the generations to come. With nearly 600 members, we can continue to be one of New England's most historic and largest native communities.


The tribal roll is open to individuals who have a mother, father, sister or brother currently on the tribal roll. Please fill out the form below to request membership or provide updated contact information.

To all Citizens of the Nipmuc Nation as well as any Individuals of Nipmuc descent,

Please be advised that Nipmuc Nation and Nipmuc Nation Tribal inc. have not been disbanded, dissolved, or changed our name. We are still the only legally acknowledged representatives of our Citizens and the Hassanamisco Reservation. We are committed to our sacred trust of protecting our democratic rights as citizens of the Nipmuc Nation. Currently, We are in the process of aggressively pursuing legal action against those who are trying to undermine our democracy by spreading fraudulent claims. Please do not remove yourself from the NNTC role, especially since we are expanding. We will keep all our citizens informed as the situation evolves.

In Peace and Friendship,

NNTC Council

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Nipmuc Nation Tribal Council Inc.
25 Main Street
South Grafton, MA 01560
+1 (774) 317-9138