Our Constitution

Nipmuc Nation is a Constitutional Democracy and our Tribal Government is elected directly by the Citizens of Nipmuc Nation.

Our Constitution was ratified by the Citizens of Nipmuc Nation in 2003.

All citizens are encourage to read the Nipmuc Nation Constitution at the link below.

Our Tribal Government

The Nipmuc Nation Constitution establishes the Tribal Council as both the Executive and Legislative Branches of Tribal Government.

The Tribal Council is the primary governing body of Nipmuc Nation.

The Constitution also establishes the Traditional Branch of Government, which is represented by the Elders Council.

The Chief of the Nation heads the Elders Council.

Tribal Council

The members of the Tribal Council are elected for 4 years terms that are typically staggered so that a new election occurs every 2 years for at least 5 of the Tribal Council seats. After the results of an election has been certified by the Election Committee, the members of the Tribal Council meet for the first time as a new council and henceforth vote for members of the council to service for 2 year terms in the following offices:

Tribal Council Chairperson
Tribal Council Vice Chairperson
Tribal Council Treasurer
Tribal Council Clerk

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