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The Nipmuc Nation Tribal Council serves as both the Executive and Legislative Branches of the Tribal Government. For all economic, media, and legal related inquiries and concerns, please contact Tribal Council.

To get in touch with the appropriate authority within the Nipmuc Nation Tribal Government, please click on the title below to contact each person directly.

Tribal Chairperson

The Chairperson of the Nipmuc Nation Tribal Council is Tenah Richardson.

Tribal Council Clerk

The Clerk of the Nipmuc Nation Tribal Council
Glenda Hines.
All Tribal ID Cards and Massachusetts Tuition Waiver inquiries are handled by Tribal Clerk.

Tribal Council Treasurer

The Treasurer of the Nipmuc Nation Tribal Council
Jennifer Vickers.
All tribe related financial inquires and concerns
are handled by Tribal Treasurer.

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Nipmuc Nation Tribal Council Inc.
25 Main Street
South Grafton, MA 01560
+1 (774) 317-9138